Iron Banks Lodge- A Gaye Bencini Amateur Production

Lt. Gov. Waterfield Visit

James Thomas shares this photo from Kane School of a visit from Lt. Gov. Harry Lee Waterfield. L-R: Tom Henry, unknown, Brainard Thomas, Judge Eli Padgett, William Weathespoon, Jones Kelly, Lt. Governor Waterfield, unknown, unknown, unknown, and W.O. Kane.

Todd Johnson & Billy Bradberry

Read how a little Black bound New Testament Bible brought these two together!

Dr. Floyd Jones

We have learned that Dr. Floyd Jones, long time pastor of Green Valley Missionary Baptist Church in Clinton, has passed away, and his service will be held Tuesday, April 7, in Sharon, Tenn. He is pictured here with Sidney Spates and Frank Weatherspoon at the Dr. Floyd Jones Library Dedication Service held at Green Valley Missionary Baptist Church in Clinton in January 2011. Bro. Eugene McDonald is current pastor of the church.


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