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Honoring Our Veterans, Hickman County, Ky.

YouTube Video

Civil War Days 2015 25th Anniversary

If I wasn't so lazy, I'd re-upload some pics at a higher resolution where they would be crisper, but this gives an idea of how big an event this is in Hickman County, Ky.- all at Columbus-Belmont State Park. Thank you to Park Manager Cindy Lynch and Park Staff and all the re-enactors and supporters who make this possible for us to attend and enjoy each year!  Music attribution: Craig Duncan- purchased from Amazon. The 52nd Regimental String Band performs at Civil War Days and does an awesome job. Didn't want to infringe on copyrights, but if they have a purchasable download for things like this, let me know!

Civil War Days Saturday 2015

Some Scenes from Civil War Days 2015!

Small community but busy as all get out! 10 pages this week!

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