This week's Hickman County Times features two pages of Hickman County Graduates Class of 2015 and pictures of class reunions and those attending the Hickman County Schools Homecoming Saturday night at the First Assembly of God Life Center (in addition to those on the front). On stands Wednesday!

We had this submitted photo in the paper a few weeks ago. Many classes like the Class of 1965 will reunite this weekend!
  Those who graduated HCHS in 1965 include: John Asbell, Judith Benedict Policastro, Dorrill Berry, Betty Boulton Schwartz, Henry Brazzell, Jeanette Byers Joyner, Sarah Byers English, Brenda Cannon, Lorraine Clark Buckingham, Brunetta Curtis (deceased), Li Darby Lucas, Kenny Davis, Linda Douglas Crabtree (deceased), Herbert Emerson, Johnny Evans, Eloise Fo...wler Thomley, Joyce Gargus Warfield, Virginia Garrison Sutton, Patsy Gray Spencer, John Hales, Dorenda “Dink” Halteman, Ray Helm, Janice Helm Dean, John Hobby, Kay Hopkins Crass, Kathryn Hunter (deceased), Judy Jackson Dwiggins (deceased), Donna Johnson Olive (deceased), Edwinta Kelly Naranjo, Susan Kerr Robinson, Jimmy Kimbro, Billy Latham, Dale Latta, Milton McMahan, Eugene McMorries, Joan Minton Pruett, Bobby Moyers, Barbara Mullins Armstrong, Caroline O’Neal Holt, Elaine O’Neal Anderson (deceased), George Padgett, Joan Parker Hill (deceased), Edward “Skippy” Pickard (deceased), Ivan Potter, Trecia Pursell Dalton, Elizabeth Rogers Hampton, Clyde Rogers, Wanda Rogers Summers, Dana Rohrer, Mike Rose, Jerry Rushing, Mary Rushing Matthews, Jerry Shelton, Joyce Stephens Bay, Orene Rushing Russell, Dorothy Scott Rogers, Jerry Swift, Russell Tarr (deceased), Brenda Veatch Martin, Gaylon West Cantrell, Danny Williams and Diane Wooten Bolin.

Hickman County Times, Ky., Mother's Day Tribute

Columbus-Belmont State Park- A Gaye Bencini Production


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